I am trying to create button that change visibility of grouped layers. When person click button all layers inside group is hidden when is clicked again all layers are visible.

So far i know how to hide layers and set them visible in two separate buttons. But i cannot add to function inside one button.

     #connect to Hide_int button that hide intensity rasters

     #connect to Hide_img button that hide img rasters

    def hideint(self):          
        self.maps_treeview = QTreeView()            
        print "Connected"            

    def hideimg(self):            
        print "Connected"            

I am using Qgis 2.16. Can you help me?

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You could use something like the following which checks:

  • If the group is either unchecked or partially checked then check it
  • If the group is checked, uncheck it

Here is the code tested in QGIS 2.18.2:

def show_hide_group(self):
    group = QgsProject.instance().layerTreeRoot().findGroup('Int')
    # 0 = Unchecked; 1 = Partially checked; 2 = Checked
    if group.isVisible() in (0, 1):


You might find a toggle button handy. See this simple plugin for an example.

icon = QIcon()
icon.addFile( ":/plugins/myPlugin/iconOff.png", state=QIcon.Off )
icon.addFile( ":/plugins/myPlugin/iconOn.png", state=QIcon.On )
self.action = QAction( icon, u"Toggle group visibility", self.iface.mainWindow() )
self.action.toggled.connect( self.run )
self.action.setCheckable( True )

Now, if the button is checked do something, if it's unchecked do something else.

def run( self, checked ):
    if checked:
        # Hide the group    
        # Show the group

If you used the Plugin Builder, you can achieve it by setting checkable=True for the action. See How to check if plugin icon is toggled?

How to set shortcuts has been already answered in GIS.SE. For instance: How to enable a keyboard shortcut for a plugin

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    +1, I just implemented the change of the png image file when the icon is toggled. Couldn't find any other example of this anywhere so thanks for including that in your answer :)
    – Joseph
    Commented Mar 9, 2017 at 15:30

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