What I am trying to do is to create a map of a county with township and range labeled on the outside of the county boundary, specifically I do not want a rectangle frame with tick marks and labels around the border of the page but rather around the county boundary. I created a custom overlay from a PLSS township and range feature class. Then in layout view, I added the custom overlay as a grid in the data frame properties window then I clipped the data frame to the shape of the county. I also checked the clip grids and graticule box. Unfortunately this does not do the trick, it adds that rectangle with tick marks and labels to a frame that borders the page edge and not around the county polygon. I assume that this is happening because I created a custom overlay rather than a grid or graticule.

Does anyone know how to achieve my goal here shy of labeling with inserted text boxes?

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  • Create fishnet as polylines using county polygon as extent.Intersect with output as points. Label points on the sides by relevant coordinate. Defining fishnet origin and intervals can be tricky – FelixIP Mar 3 '17 at 22:22

The procedure that you describe should just work if you use the grid/graticule functionality.

By default that gets graphically clipped to the clipping polygon in the same way that the layers within it do.

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