I have tried to display a graphics layer with the WMS functionality of ArcGIS Server, but I cannot see the graphics in the image of the getmap response.

I have done is manually by publishing a service with a graphics on an annotation layer, associated this annotation layer with a specific feature layer, and published it, but the graphics is not appearing, only the features.

And I have done it programmatically by creating a graphicslayer and assign it to a layer, and its the same, graphics are not appearing on the map image returned by WMS.

When I do a REST call to the service I can see the graphics in both cases.

Are graphics not supported with WMS or am I doing something wrong?

I am using ArcGIS Server 9.3.1, Java version.


  • When you mention REST call, do you mean to the specific WMS endpoint or just view the map service via Javascript viewer? – Simon Sep 30 '10 at 11:22
  • I mean the specific WMS endpoint. when I am using the Javascript viewer which I am assuming is using the REST endpoint I can see the graphics – Nicole Sep 30 '10 at 15:04

I have not found any clear evidence that you cannot view graphics on an annotation layer. If you just add basic annotation to that layer, does that appear in the WMS?

  • i was looking at the same page you are mentioning, and there is nothing related to my problem. To test it, I have created a mxd document with just one feature on a layer. Then I have used the drawing tool and have written some text, and published it. the text is visible via the REST endpoint, but not via the WMS endpoint. I have drawn the text on an annotation group assigned to the feature layer. – Nicole Sep 30 '10 at 15:01
  • Afterwards I have tried the same by drawing on the default annotation group which is not assigned to a layer and it does not appear either. – Nicole Sep 30 '10 at 15:07

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