I am trying to plot dates and values from carto.js ( using the sql API) into highchart.js . this example uses the following data structure [Date.UTC(2013,5,5),0.7638] ,but how can I covert the the data returned after the sql request into this data structure [Date.UTC(2013,5,5),0.7638] ?? Any idea??

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I'm following the code that you have here. You would need to set a new variable that will store the pairs of values of date and deaths_mis from your CARTO dataset.

In order to do so, I would recommend create a global variable before setting the sql in the code. The new variable stores an empty array that will store the pairs is dataStructure.

    var dataStructure = []
    var sql = cartodb.SQL({ user: 'migrantreport' });
    sql.execute("SELECT date,SUM (deaths_mis) deaths_mis FROM iom_world_deaths_copy GROUP BY date order BY date asc")

Then, when you do the for (i in data.rows) to retrieve teh data of CARTO, I would recommend pushing the values inside the dataStructure array.

for (i in data.rows){

Finally, you can use the dataStructure pairs of values within the Highcart.js parameter data

  series: [{
            type: 'area',
            name: 'Migrant Deaths',

           data: dataStructure

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