I found the USGS EarthExplorer where one can download their High Resolution Orthoimagery. This imagery can also be previewed in the EarthExplorer once a particular tile is found, but I wonder if there is a place online where the whole United States can be viewed at once (possibly the latest and highest resolution images).

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You can use Zoom Earth which allows you to control dates and times. You could also access Remote Pixels Satellite Search. Finally, You can get to the raw data on Amazon Web Services (Landsat Only)

  • Thanks for the links! I am bit confused now... I am looking for very detailed imagery that allows data tracing for OpenStreetMap (basically equals mostly to public domain or special permission). I found USGS has sometimes coverage with resolution of 0.075m/0.25ft per pixel, but those look like aerial images taken from a plane. Does Zoom Earth provide NASA (=public domain) imagery only? In the corner it says (c) Microsoft (Bing?). I could really use some satellite imagery guide probably.
    – Kozuch
    Mar 6, 2017 at 21:07

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