I have multiple featureLayers and one graphicLayer for adding graphics. However I cannot add a graphic to this layer. Can someone help with what I'm doing wrong ?

featureLayer.on("click", function (evt) {
  attrs = evt.graphic.attributes;
  if(clickmode == 1) {
    var highlightSymbol = new esri.symbol.SimpleMarkerSymbol().setColor(new dojo.Color([255, 0, 0]));
    var location = new Point(evt.mapPoint.x, evt.mapPoint.y, evt.spatialReference);
    graphicLayer.add(new Graphic(location, highlightSymbol));
  • Where is clickmode being set?
    – kenbuja
    Mar 8, 2017 at 1:05

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it looks like you've created an empty symbol. you should try specify a shape and size. i would suggest you use the AMD module require "esri/symbols/SimpleMarkerSymbol" :

var highlightSymbol = new SimpleMarkerSymbol(SimpleMarkerSymbol.STYLE_CIRCLE, 10, '', new Color([255, 0, 0]));

also, maybe you could even make a new graphic, without cerating a new Point, just by using evt.mapPoint, which is already a Point :

graphicLayer.add(new Graphic(evt.mapPoint, highlightSymbol));

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