I have been trying to load some point data from geojson into openlayers 3. Eventually I would like to load the features from a url with the data, But I cannot get a single point to show from a hardcoded object.

Do I need to inform openlayers 3 about epsg:27700 in some way? Or what am I missing.

Loading the same layer from a WMS seems to work fine, but I would like to get a WFS to work as well.

var geojson = {
            "ID":1,"Name":"High School","POINT_X":315850.997098,"POINT_Y":176054.004321

var layer = new ol.layer.Vector({
title: 'Schools',
source: new ol.source.Vector({
    features: (new ol.format.GeoJSON()).readFeatures(geojson, { dataProjection: 'EPSG:27700', featureProjection: 'EPSG:3286' })
style: new ol.style.Style({
    image: new ol.style.Circle({
        radius: 10,
        fill: new ol.style.Fill({color: 'rgba(255, 0, 0, 0.1)'}),
        stroke: new ol.style.Stroke({color: 'red', width: 1})


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    Could you expand on what exactly is going wrong? What type of browser are you using? Is the basemap displaying? ect Commented Mar 8, 2017 at 14:18
  • The base map is loading fine, using a variety of them and a custom layer switcher and that all works. The I have a plethora of layers I am requesting from my geoserver setup and they all work a charm in said layer switcher. I though I was doing really well with this and then thought I will load in some geojson data, from the same layer on on the geoserver and nothing displays, no errors and I am unsure how to move forward. The above hardcoded var is just a sample feature of the layer, picked out from the geojson string geoserver returns.
    – Ryan
    Commented Mar 8, 2017 at 14:25

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Trying to load WFS data in place of a WMS map image, now seems so wrong.

If I had gotten this working, I would have had to re-specify styles for it in openlayers 3, rendering any Geoserver-side SLD styling pointless.

If you are asking Geoserver for WFS data for a layer, simply to display, lets say a whole country's worth of data in Openlayers, like I was - it is most likely you want to rethink where you are going.

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