I found a web map on the New York Times showing early spring conditions throughout the US. I've seen a much more complicated time-slider widget that can be used with ArcGIS Online web maps, however, I really like the simple lines in this map. What technology was used to create this GIF web map?

enter image description here

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Don't know what the NYT uses, but Photoshop can create a GIF using its Animation toolbar from a stack of images in separate layers in the same file.


GeoServer has an animation endpoint that can create animated gifs of this sort from time series data.

This blog post shows some examples like this one:

enter image description here


If you need an open source option, GIMP can do that. I did not try creating an animation using GIMP before, but this tutorial of How To Create An Animated GIF From An Image Sequence Using GIMP shows the steps of doing what you want.


I use Camtasia to record the screen - in your case that would be a timeslider on auto-play - and then use option to export to GIF. Optionally you can speed up the video before exporting

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