I have got this error when tried to make slope less than 20 degree through Raster Calculator. One day before I installed Python 2.7.13 and after, this error appeared. When I delete the downloaded python, ArcGIS is not opening at all. Could it be the reason for the program not working properly?

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    Please always include errors as text rather than pictures so that they are available to future searches. – PolyGeo Mar 8 '17 at 21:38

ArcGIS Desktop installs its own copy of Python, usually in C:\Python27\ArcGIS10.3. If you have installed your own download of Python it probably installed directly into C:\Python27 and any Python paths in the Windows settings may have been updated into this location.

This will stop arcpy from working. To get arcpy to work again you can do a repair install of ArcGIS Desktop which will fix the paths for arcpy.

This happened to me the other day, a repair didn't take long and everything worked normally again afterwards.

  • Thank you for your answer. Could you advice how I can do a repair install? Is there any website for this? – Ruslan Mar 9 '17 at 5:20
  • @Ruslan Run the ArcGIS Desktop installer. Since you already have ArcGIS Desktop installed, you'll get 3 options - Modify, Repair, and Uninstall. Choose Repair. – Midavalo Mar 9 '17 at 5:29
  • @Ruslan you may also be able to run the installer from Control Panel > Add Remove Programs (or similar) and see if there's a Change option on the ArcGIS Desktop item in the list of installed apps. – Midavalo Mar 9 '17 at 5:31

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