I'm developing a map application in Leaflet with multiple Layers (Tile-Layer and TopoJSON). I would like a button, which moves the Tile-Layer in front of the other Layers. Therefore I need to put the Tile-Layer into a pane with a z-Index > 400 (see Map Panes). This works fine when initializing the Tile-Layer, but how do I move an existing Tile-layer into another pane in the foreground after having initialised it (change "pane: 'tilePane'" to "pane: 'layerForeground'")?

map.getPane('layerForeground').style.zIndex = 650;

var SWEmean71_00Apr =L.tileLayer('data/maps/e01_swe/tiles/3857_Mittelwert/{z}/{x}/{y}.png', {
maxZoom: 12,
minZoom: 7,
tms: false,
pane: 'tilePane',

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Leaflet layers can not change panes dynamically. Panes are too tightly coupled to the initialization of the HTMLElements for the layers' containers.

You can, however, change the zIndex of a map pane dynamically. So you can set a unique pane for each of your tilelayers, and change their z-indexes when you need to change their order.

  • Perfect, this is exactly what I was looking for, Thanks!!
    – burtro
    Mar 13, 2017 at 14:03

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