I'm trying to find a plug-in on leaflet in which the user will enter the address and the html (aka the plug-in) will geocode the location and will return a latitude and longitude. So I have try the Leaflet-Control Geocoder,but I am not able to the lat,long.

Does anyone have an example?

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As per the Leaflet Control Geocoder plugin API documentation, you should:

  1. Attach an event on the "markgeocode" event of the L.Control.geocoder object.
  2. Read the event.geocode.center LatLng object that is passed to your event listener.
var geocoder = L.Control.geocoder()
.on('markgeocode', function(event) {
    var center = event.geocode.center;
    map.setView(center, map.getZoom());

Demo: http://playground-leaflet.rhcloud.com/robi/1/edit?html,output


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