i have added geotools java to my Netbeans IDE and now i want to display this map in my javafx application.I have downloaded its geotiff from the same site and it's a zip file (176 mb) which contains three files:

  1. G8241_E1_1846_C3.j2w ( 1 kb)
  2. G8241_E1_1846_C3.jp2 ( 175788 kb)
  3. G8241_E1_1846_C3.xml (13 kb)

I have no idea how to approach that.


That is a JPEG2000 image not a geotiff - you will need to use the GDAL ImageIO plugin to read it in.

Once you have a coverage following the Image Tutorial should show you the right route, though that's for Swing not JavaFX but the changes should be straightforward.

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