In the query below I am exporting only the endpoint of linestrings in my table routes to a json file.

My objective, however, is to export to a csv, with four separate columns - starttime, endtime, lat and lon

ogr2ogr -f GeoJSON endpoints.json  "PG:host=localhost dbname=dbname user=user password=password"  -sql "SELECT ST_AsText(ST_EndPoint(path::geometry)) from routes"

How could I change the query in psql below to include latitude and longitude of the endpoints as separate columns, using ST_AsText(ST_EndPoint(path::geometry)) ?

   \COPY (
        SELECT starttime, endtime, lat, lon from routes
    ) TO 'endpoints.csv' WITH CSV HEADER DELIMITER ',';
  • What's the structure of your routes table? – Micha Mar 12 '17 at 6:50

Use the ST_X and ST_Y Geometry Accessors to get the point coordinate values:

SELECT starttime, endtime, ST_Y(ST_EndPoint(geom)) AS lat, ST_X(ST_EndPoint(geom)) AS lon
FROM routes;

There is also ST_AsLatLonText for a human-readable format.

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