I am looking for vector data -> Landuse [residential, commercial, industrial, cropland, water etc.]

Scale : best possible but would like 1:50 000 or better Location : NL, BC, QC

I checked various source, but I find Canvec, OSM, EOSD Landcover, Geofabrik are very coarse or missing (St John's is almost empty as far as data)

Any source I should check (paid or free) so I can produce Nice thematic maps


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Natural Resources Canada Geogratis (CanVec) 1:50,000 is the best and most up to date Canada-wide data available, at Open Data Canada. This is the same data used in the official CanTopo CanMatrix 1:50000 paper maps and the same data that's used for the ArcGIS Online World Topographic basemap altough GeoBase, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada are also listed.

Each province also has their own geospatial data warehouses but not all are free. In Ontario Land Information Ontario (LIO) data has free 1:10,000 and 1:20,000 data both vector and raster, but in BC this is a paid service.

You could also try GeoBase data.

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