I use MapCache of Mapserver to generate tiles of a tif.

Given a tile (located on disk as z/y/x structure), how can I calculate it's geo-position?

Example: 8/50/100.png -> ( 46.11, 11.05 ) (in wgs84)


At end, it was simple.

  1. go to your mapcache server to obtain the list of layers:


  2. get information about layer:


  3. here you see the size of the tile in X and Y:

    <TileFormat width="256" height="256" mime-type="image/unknown" extension="xxx"/>

    the origin of the tiles:

    <Origin x="43.000000" y="11.000000"/>

  4. get the units per pixel at a given zoom level:

    <TileSet href="http://.../8" units-per-pixel="0.06" order="8"/>

  5. now, I can calculate the position of a given tile in this path: 8/100/86.xxx (in my mapcache.xml configuration it's in the format z/x/y):

    x = Origin_x + x * units-per-pixel (43 + 100 * 0.06)

    y = Origin_y + y * units-per-pixel (11 + 86 * 0.06)

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