I'm very new to/teaching myself ArcGIS.

The goal: extract raster data using multi values to point

The process: In short, I overlaid lat/long coordinate data on top of a raster, and used the Spatial Analyst tool to extract the values from those points. The raster contains data related to percent wet nitrogen deposition, so the values should be between 0 - 100. Prior to overlaying the coordinates on the raster data, I changed the raster datum to NAD83, to match the coordinate datum. I also changed the projection to match as well.

The issue: Many of the cells in the resulting attribute table contain this value: "-3.40282E+38". What does this mean?


That (-3.40282E+38) is likely a NODATA value used in rasters, which is used to indicate the data/variable of interest is not available at the cell. Often times, people use impossible values like -3.40282E+38, -9999 depending on the type and domain of pixels.

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