I have a spreadsheet data which only contain post code as location references. I want to map them to a point shapefile based on their postcodes. All I can think is to find a point data which have postcodes and coordinates on them, or a georeferenced postcode point data, and use join&relates to connect them with my spreadsheet but I don't know where to find such data.

Anyone have suggestions?


Ordnance Survey provides some free open data on postcodes called 'Code-Point Open'. It is a csv of the post-code with a lat long attribute. I'd suggest getting hold of this data then extracting just the post-codes you're interested in.

Information on the layer can be found here, and can be downloaded from here. Just need to fill in a form and they send you a link to download from


If you want latitude and longitude you can use Open Postcode Geo. I created and maintain this dataset - it is open data licensed on the same basis as Code-Point Open.

Code-Point Open gives you northing and easting, but not latitude and longitude.

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