In ArcGIS 10.1 (advanced license), I have a raster dataset representing the wind speed (in knots). I want to be able to set the wind speed value to a specific value (say, for the sake of argument, a very low value like 0.1) only for those cells with a value smaller than (say) 3 and larger than 10. My best guess is to use a Conditional statement in RASTER CALCULATOR, but I am not familiar with that. I have tried something like: Con(("raster" < 3) | ("raster" > 10), 0.1, "raster") but it seems to not work. Is that syntax right, or I am missing something?

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You do not need to use raster calculator this can all be done within the CON tool. An example below shows the processing of elevation data to turn any values above 10m and below 0m to 0.1 whilst keeping all other original values as they are.

Using the CON tool

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