I have two coordinates.

Lat:53.307718   Long:-6.230189

Lat:53.307708   Long:-6.229988


I then use the distance formula

distance = SQRT((Y2-Y1)*(Y2-Y1) +(X2-X1)*(X2-X1))


I put it points in.

distance = SQRT((53.307708-53.307718)*(53.307708-53.307718) +(-6.229988--6.230189)*(-6.229988--6.230189))

and it get a value of 0.000201

What is the factor to convert that point to convert to meters?

I but the two points into this website http://www.movable-type.co.uk/scripts/latlong.html and found the distance to be 12.92 meters. But when i do it then for the next point the factor isnt the same.


Because the Earth is not a perfect sphere the actual distance represented by a degree ( or a fraction of a degree ) will vary based on the latitude.

This can be seen here: enter image description here

So you will be able to get the difference in decimal degree using the distance formula but to convert them you will need to use the corresponding factor.

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