I am trying to import a WFS layer into QGIS. I tried the normal procedure, Add WFS Layer, and it does not display any boxes. When I click on Add, it throws an error:

Layer is not valid: The layer restrictToRequestBBOX='1' srsname='EPSG:4326' typename='bu:Building' url='http://ovc.catastro.meh.es/INSPIRE/wfsBU.aspx' version='auto' table="" sql= nis not valid and cannot be added to the map

I also tried the WFS 2.0 Plugin and in this case, I was able to download some vectorial data which seemed to be ok, but only if I was zooming very close to extract some features. When I zoom out to get the extent I need (or even a bit more), I get the following error:

ows error

OWS Exception returned from the WFS: Area of extension out of limits.

However, I know there is data beyond my bounding box.

Am I doing something wrong? I also changed the EPSG several times and it did not work either.

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According to this service description of the WFS the following rules apply to the usage of the service:

Limitaciones del servicio WFS:

  • Búsqueda por caja de 4km2 y 5.000 elementos
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Translated via Google Translate it means:

WFS Service Limitations:

  • Search by box of 4km2 and 5,000 elements
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This means, that the extension for a single request from the client is restricted to an area of not more than 4 km², which explains your described behaviour.

  • Well, that makes a lot of sense then. Thanks a lot!
    – illpack
    Mar 20, 2017 at 22:00

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