I have succeeded to show Openlayers map in my application, when i show css popup(not Openlayers Popup) map has to blank as the rest of the application. But Openlayers map is not getting blank.

What could be the problem?

Instead of Openlayers if i use Google Maps its getting blank when i show popup.

I am not using any css related to Openlayers, just i included this http://openlayers.org/api/OpenLayers.js

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The problem is, if i understand your question correctly, the z-index of the "background" of your popup compared to OpenLayers.

When you include the OpenLayers.js file it loads it's own CSS, and somewhere in there it sets the z-index of the map div to about 1000 (i think).

Try to open Firebug and find the "gray overlay" that your popup places over the page, and ramp up it's z-index.

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