I am using the OpenLayers JavaScript API within a web application. I am displaying non-base layers hosted on an ArcGIS server. When I load the ArcGIS layers, I load them using OpenLayers.Layer.ArcGIS93Rest and by specifying the export service URL. The layer loads perfectly. However, when the user clicks on a feature, I want to be able to display a popup showing information about the feature that the user clicked on. Can anyone explain the best way to retrieve feature information?

Thanks in advance!


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rest will solve your problems with only parsing it then adding to map. the following link has a query with geometry which return to results json.

filter geometry is -125.4,35.2,-118.7,43.8 


you can get more information here ArcGIS Server REST API. and you can also get another info here ArcGIS Server REST API, OpenLayers

i hope it helps you...

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