What am I doing wrong in this field calculator logic?


def re_score(elev_t,f2, contour):
 if elev_t.endswith('.5'):
  f2 = "Midi"
 return f2

Expression for field "Contourtyp"


I just want to rename the contour type where the contours are at half meter intervals. The 'Elev_T' is a text column with all the elevations (converted to text as I couldn't think of a way to do it with numerical elevation data which has .25, .5, 75 and 1m intervals). I want all .5 called 'midi' and .25/.75 remain as 'minor' and 1m remains as 'basic'

Executing (Calculate Field (3)): CalculateField 328000_8123000 Contourtyp " re_score(!Elev_t!,f2,!Contourtyp!)" PYTHON_9.3 "def re_score(elev_t,f2, contour):\n f2=contour\n if elev_t.endswith('.5'):\n f2 = "Midi"\n return f2" Start Time: Thu Apr 12 17:10:40 2012 ERROR 000539: : unexpected indent (, line 1) Failed to execute (Calculate Field (3)). Failed at Thu Apr 12 17:10:40 2012 (Elapsed Time: 0.00 seconds)

I have tried different indentation and no luck...

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def re_score(elev_t, contour):
        if elev_t.endswith('.5'):
            return "Midi"
            return contour

and then:
Countourtyp =

re_score(!Elev_t!, !Contourtyp!)

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