I have created a model that (I want) to take a point, selects the polygon it is within, selects a different point that is within the same polygon that contains the data I am after. I then want to join the tables and get rid of unnecessary columns. I have toggled the Field Info checkboxes in the Make Feature Layer tool, however, every time I run the model, those boxes reset. I am assuming this is because the tables that I am trying to join and make into a feature layer are temporary, so when the Make Feature Tool is ran it is going to its default settings as it is looking at a new table every time.

How do I make the tables I am ultimately joining permanent?

enter image description here

  • Join Field is permanent, Add Join is temporary. If you want/need to use Add Join, then you'll have to save the results to disk. – Paul Mar 22 '17 at 19:18

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