I hope somebody knows this error message, since I managed before the downloading with the same script (last year):

mrtpath <- '/home/usuario/MRT/MRT/bin/'


Product to download is MOD11A2, no 31

x <- 31 

H <- c(10)
V <- c(10)

Date <- c('2016.02.01','2016.03.02')

try (ModisDownload(x=x,h=H,v=V,dates=Date,mosaic=F, proj = T, MRTpath = mrtpath, bands_subset="1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0",proj_type = "UTM", utm_zone=18, datum ='WGS84', pixel_size = 500))

producing this error:

***Error in strsplit(unlist(lapply(strsplit(items, "href"), function(x) { :
  argumento de tipo no-carácter***

This error is part of the script Modisdownload.R, which I didn't changed. Any ideas??

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Don't use "ModisDownload.R", this script is from 2014. Use rts package with ModisDownload() function (updated Aug 2017).


Unless you provide the original script/debug what is going wrong with the same, you might want to think about using functions from a CRAN package such as MODISTools. That said, here's an example:

MODISSubsets(LoadDat = SubsetExample, Products = "MOD13Q1", Bands =  c("250m_16_days_EVI",
"250m_16_days_pixel_reliability"), Size = c(0,0), StartDate = TRUE)

Refer to the package for more details.

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