If you publish a map with multiple layers using Carto Builder, is there a way for viewers of a map to toggle on/off a specific layer?

For example, imagine a choropleth map with a map marker overlay. While viewing both layers in tandem may be interesting. A user may also want to view just the underlying choropleth map without the overlay.

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In order to toggle layers on/off using CARTO Builder, all you have to do is acces the Map Options (the sliders icon under the pencil at the far left) and turn on Layer Selector in the checklist. Here's a screenshot showing how:

Map Options - Layer Selector

In this case, Layer 1 is a point layer, which is turned on, while Layer 2 is an underlying polygon layer, which is turned off so that the basemap is visible for context.

Just to be clear, activating this option means that any user seeing this map through a shared link or embed on a website will be able to toggle the layers on/off.

Also note that toggling a layer will also toggle on/off its legend, if you have added one to the map.

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