I am working on a new QGIS plugin and I am trying to comply with the requirement below. The full requirement is located here.

  • source repository is in good shape:

    • no generated file is left in repository (ui_*.py, resources_rc.py, gen. help files…)

I have a resources.py file.

If I remove resources.py file, no icon will be shown. So how can I achieve the visibility of resources without a resources.py file?


Although it may not be good pythonic practice, you don't actually always need a resources.py file. For icons, you can reference them directly in your PyQGIS code. For example, if you have a QToolButton named 'MyToolButton', you can associate a PNG-format icon with via a statement like


  • Thank you. It works! I got the home dir using HOME = expanduser("~") and added '.qgis/python/plugins/[myplugin]' and it works. – wondim Mar 25 '17 at 19:48

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