Is it possible to provide a starting point(lat/long) to a drone and then simulate it to traverse through all the roads in a bounded region.

What I currently have(using OpenStreetMaps) is a list of all intersection points of all the roads in a bounded region(eg: a small sector in a city),

What I want is to make my drone to move through all the roads in that sector automatically(no manual controls) using the lat-long coordinates starting from a particular location, taking minimum possible time.

I have around 5,000 lat-long coordinates(intersection points of roads) in that sector.

Google Direction API provides the use of way-points but only 23 points can be inserted at a time. Besides, Google Maps API require 2 lat-long coordinates(start-point and end-point), what I want is to provide only a starting location and make the drone move along the roads based on some Algo in the backend that covers all roads.

Found a related question here Google Maps City Crawler but the link in solution does not work.

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