I'm trying to draw the features resulting from a query of a feature layer onto a graphics layer.

var query = abstracts.createQuery();
query.where = "ANUM = '1'";
query.returnGeometry = true;
var rl = map.findLayerById("graphics");
abstracts.queryFeatures(query).then(function (results) {
    var features = results.features.map(function (graphic) {
        graphic.symbol = new SimpleLineSymbol({
            size: 6.5,
            color: "darkorange"
        return graphic;

When I set a breakpoint before the last line(rl.addMany(features)), I see that features contains the expected feature, and the symbol is set properly. Also, I know that the feature exists, but is not appearing on the map. Also, below is my declaration of feature layer and graphics layer.

        var abstracts = new FeatureLayer({
            url: "@arcgisServerServiceUrl/" + featureLayerId,
            outFields: ["*"],
            mode: FeatureLayer.MODE_ONDEMAND,
            maxScale: 0,
            minScale: 290000,
            renderer: renderer,

        var resultsLayer = new GraphicsLayer({id:"graphics"});


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I can't answer why what I did above didn't work, but I can give the answer I found. For each feature in results.features above:

  var polygon = new Polygon({
    rings: feature.geometry.rings

  var lineSymbol = new SimpleLineSymbol({
    color: [226, 119, 40],
    width: 4

  var polygonGraphic = new Graphic({
    geometry: polygon,
    symbol: lineSymbol


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