I need done seems to be a simple task, but I cannot find out how.

I want to create grid lines for a specific area at a specific angle (which is the easy part).

Now I want on every gridline to be shown the lowest elevation and highest, and by multitude of x every point on the line where the elevation reached the higher mark.

I'm a newbie and self taught using google earth and global mapper.


You can do that easily in Global Mapper with the following steps:

  1. Select the digitizer tool enter image description here
  2. Right click and select the GRID option enter image description here
  3. In the grid window configure the grid size and location. Make sure to select "Create grid line features" enter image description here
  4. Then right click on the selected lines of your recently created grid and select "Analysis/Measurements" -> "Calculate Elevation/Slope for selected features" enter image description here
  5. The a question box will pop-up asking whether to add point features at the max/min elevations. Select "YES" enter image description here
  6. You will have exactly what you want, a grid of lines with markers in the maximum and minimum elevations along each line: enter image description here

You can the customize the lines and markers to look as "x" or anything you want.

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