I have a raster about different land use types(5 types),each raster cell has a categorical value(1-5). ArcGIS Focal Statistics can calculate mean, range, and even variety of each processing cell, but I want to count the number of each land use type for the processing cell in the neighborhood area.

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For example,the processing cell in pic has 3 land use type1, 2 type2, 2 type3, 1 type4 and 1 type5. (Neighborhood: 3*3 rectangle),how can I do this?


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You can do it in two steps:

  1. calculate 10^(value-1) in the Raster calculator;
  2. then the Sum in Focal Statistics.

The output values will be between 0 (0 cells of any types in the neighbourhood area) and 90000 (9 cells of type 5 in the neighbourhood area) and their sum of the digits can be between 0 (no cell) and 9 (all the cells). For instance, the output of your illustrated example will be 11223, which stands for (reading from left to right) 1 cell of type 5, 1 of type 4, 2 of type 3, 2 of type 2 and finally 3 of type 1.

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Reclassify the data so that all the values from 1 - 4 equal 0, reclassify the 5 values to 1. Run focal statistics using sum. The resulting raster will have the total number of 5 values within your roving window. Repeat four more times for the other values.


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