I'm importing the planet data file. After see the Node processing taking about a hour at 2800.0 k/s to finish I think all job will be fast but now Way is still working after 28 hours at 0.5 k/s and done just 31.583k of 402.887k ! (OSM stats).

The top command shows it taking 15% of RAM and 5% of CPU.

My import command was

$osm2pgsql --number-processes 6 --flat-nodes ./osm_flat_nodes.db --disable-parallel-indexing --latlong --verbose --create --hstore --slim --cache 4000 --database osm --username postgres --host --style ./default.style ./planet-latest.osm.pbf

My machine: CentOS / 32GB RAM / 600GB HDD / 8 Cores

Is this normal?

enter image description here



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