I had defined graduated style in QGIS for points contained in shp format. I had saved this style in sld and qpj format so now I am able to open shp in QGIS and it automatically loads its style (I am not sure if it would with other GIS software assuming I have sld).

But what I would like to do is to convert/save/export this shp with defined style to gpx, kml or kmz (preferably to gpx).

I have been trying...

  • Right click on a layer
  • Save as...
  • In Save vector layer as...: Format: GPX, Choose File Name, Symbology export: Feature Symbology (and Symbol Layer Symbology), GPX_USE_EXTENSIONS=YES, FORCE_GPX_TRACK=YES + other default options.

...but I havent had any luck.

Can this be done?

My goal is to upload gpx to Google My maps.

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