I am using ArcMap.

I am trying to convert polygon to raster and specify cell size to 6, but created raster is empty. If I leave the default cell size (0.0015) everything works. Last week I was doing the same thing on the same data and everything was working.

What can be wrong?

Later I need to convert this raster (clipped with another one) to ASCII. I've tried to resample raster which I had created previously (cell size 16). Works good, but then have to change the projection and cell size is automatically changed. After projecting raster I can't resample it again to 6 (error with too small or too big cell size appears). Even, if I leave the raster with unchanged cell size I can't convert it to ASCII (the process stays at 0%).


What projections are you using? If your original cell size is 0.0015 it could be the projection has degrees as units, in that case a value of 6 is very high. It might be a better option to change the projection of the polygons first and only then convert it to a raster as this leaves less data loss. That the cell size changes when you change the projection can be normal, especially if different units are used.


I've managed to specify my cell size to 6 by first defining projection of my polygons, and then projecting it to another projection. Beginners mistake.

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