I have the RasterStack called stack_raw. The dimensions are 517, 626, 323642, 46 (nrow, ncol, ncell, nlayers) . I want to add an empty layer to a n position. I´m trying this way, but it sounds a bit stupid:

#Creating the empty raster with the same dimensions:
a<-raster(nrow=517, ncol=626, ext=extent(stack_raw), crs=crs(stack_raw))

#Separating the RasterStack in parts, in order to add the layer on that position:
stack_raw12<-subset(stack_raw, 1:2)
stack_raw346<-subset(stack_raw, 3:46)

#Adding the layer in the position of the middle:0
stack_raw12a<-addLayer(stack_raw12, a)

#Joining everybody:
stack_rawfull<-addLayer(stack_raw12a, stack_raw346)

Does anyone know a more intelligent way to do that?

  • I'd try just subsetting out the ones after stacking all together, i.e. subset(stack(stack_raw, a), c(1:2, 47, 3:46))
    – mdsumner
    Commented Mar 31, 2017 at 15:12

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I think it should work to stack them all together and index that with subset:

subset(stack(stack_raw, a), 
    c(1:2, 47, 3:46))

You could be more nuanced with the index, i.e.

nl <- nlayers(stack_raw)
subset(stack(stack_raw, a), 
     c(1:2, nl + 1, 3:nl))

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