I am having a trouble with the cache of the browser, when I make changes, they don't appear until the next animation (ie zoom change ). What I want is an immediate reload of images after changes right now am using this method:

  'ol3_salt': Math.random()

but it doesn't reload immediately what should i do ?


You should force the reload of the browser cache.

In Google Chrome, you can do it:

  1. on demand by pressing CTRL+F5 (instead of simply pressing F5) or,
  2. permanently (in development) by checking the box "Disable cache" in the settings (press F1) of the devtools (press F12).

CTRL+F5 is also working AFAIK in other browsers.

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    Dear juminet , thanks for your answer but this doesn't full-fil my needs , because the user won't press F5 after each modification/update/suppression ! – Abdelaziz Apr 6 '17 at 15:02

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