I would certainly hard-code the source file and change it as follows:

OpenLayers.Feature.Vector.style = {
    'default': {
        fillColor: "blue",

... but this is rather a hack I would like to a avoid.

I am trying to change the fillcolor of a point shown in a django admin map.

I have already managed to change the color of a new point when I click on the map, following this solution, but I am unable to understand how I could change the color of an existing point that programmatically is inserted into the map when fetched from the database.

I have found several posts that describe how to override the StyleMap of a vector layer or how to dynamically style a map, but I do not understand how I could change the color of the dot when it is already on the map.

I attach a picture. The yellow dot is already in the database.

How can I paint it blue?


I have overriden the relevant settings as such:

OpenLayers.Feature.Vector.style.default.fillColor = 'blue';
OpenLayers.Feature.Vector.style.default.fillOpacity = 0.5;
OpenLayers.Feature.Vector.style.default.strokeWidth = 2;
OpenLayers.Feature.Vector.style.default.strokeColor = "red";

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