I'm creating a spectral library in envi and I need to read this as an as array in python. I'm trying to use pysptools (pysptools.classification.SAM) package but i don't understand how to do this from the documentation.

sam.classify(M, E, threshold=0.1, mask=None)

M – numpy array A HSI cube (m x n x p).
E – numpy array A spectral library (N x p).

How to pass parameter E (I have spectral library created in ENVI)? Please Provide example if possible.


I'm reading ENVI spectral libraries using spectral

import spectral as sp1
import pandas as pd
SpecLib = sp1.envi.open('path to spectral library')
SpecLib_df = pd.DataFrame(index=SpecLib.names, data= SpecLib.spectra, columns=SpecLib.bands.centers)

Note that the path to your SpecLib should contain the folder+file+'hdr', for example:


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