As part of trying to find an answer for How to -explode only one subfeature from only one feature? I created some fields in one layer only, then, after doing some operations, tried to merge that layer back with one other specific layer.

The docs for merge-layers say you can use target= and name= but I've not managed to get either to work:

  • Apparently target= can accept a comma-separated list of layers, but it seems not to work:

    • If I wrap each layer name in quotes:

      -merge-layers target="'layer A', 'layer B'"

      ...I get an error suggesting it's looking for one layer called 'layer A', 'layer B':

      Missing target: 'layer A', 'layer B'

      Available layers: [list of layers here]

    • If I don't wrap each layer name in quotes:

      -merge-layers target="layer A, layer B"

      ... then I get no errors, but nothing happens. It doesn't merge the layers.

    • If I add a name then it renames only the first layer in the comma separated list (regardless of what layer is selected). For example, this:

      -merge-layers target="layer A, layer B" name="new layer"

      ...renames layer A to "new layer" but does nothing at all to layer B. So for whatever reason it seems to ignore the layers after the first in the comma seperated list.

  • I also tried using name like this:

    -merge-layers name="'layer A', 'layer B'"

    ...which ran into this error, despite the fact I had used -filter-fields to remove these fields from the layers I was targeting:

    Field missing from one or more layers: someField

    ...but I later discovered that this was because I'd misunderstood the name parameter: this was simply the name the new merged field would take, so since I had no target defined, it was trying to merge all layers and was picking up on errant fields in layers other than the ones I was trying to merge.

  • I also tried using one layer name as a regular parameter and one as a target= but it didn't like that either:

    -merge-layers 'layer A' target="layer B"

    ...gives this error:

    Unexpected option: layer A

  • I also tried two target options, but this doesn't work:

    -merge-layers target="layer A" target="layer B"

All the usage examples I can find for -merge-layers use it to merge every layer.

What's the correct way to target and merge specific layers?


After a lot of trial and error I've found a crude workaround. I'm guessing it's some limitation of the browser-based GUI interface version of MapShaper that target's comma seperated list doesn't work here for some reason?

The only method I could find that worked was:

  • Rename the layers to be merged so they contain something no other layer name has. For example, adding merge to the start:

    -rename-layers 'merge layer A' target="layer A" 
    -rename-layers 'merge layer B' target="layer B"
  • Use -merge-layers with a * wildcard in the target to target them all. Assuming we were trying to merge layer B into layer A:

    -merge-layers target="merge*" name="layer A"

This does work and actually merges the layers into a new layer named "layer A".

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