I have a Sentinel 2 image which has heavy cloud cover. I would like to mask out the clouds, and replace these areas with a Landsat 8 image.

(1) How do I mask out cloud?

(2) how to I replace the cloud areas with the Landsat 8 image?

I am using SNAP software.


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Whatever the software, a generic method :

  • You need to classify clouds into a binary mask (0 - no cloud/1 - clouds)
  • You use your mask as a conditional raster where :
    • if 0 then keep one source of Data (Sentinel 2)
    • if 1 (or else) then keep another source of data (Landsat 8)

EDIT : I just saw you use SNAP software. I don't know it but i leave my generic method in case it helps you.


As you specifically state that you are using the SNAP software I would have thought you would get a better response by posting on the STEP forum?

  • I have posted this there aswell
    – Will.S89
    Commented Apr 6, 2017 at 15:25

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