I'm trying to run a batch operation on raster calculator. The expression I use is this:

(Float("92011033_B2.tif") - Float("92011033_B5.tif")) / (Float("92011033_B2.tif") + Float("92011033_B5.tif"))

And at the moment of executing it throws me the following error:

ERROR 00539: Error running expression: rcexec ().


I assume you have entered your equation manually?

In ArcGIS 10.5 If I build this simple equation in the Raster Calculator tool this is what is submitted:

"Float("LE71370452001333SGS00_B5.TIF") - Float("LE71370452001333SGS00_B2.TIF")"

What is actually submitted and executed is this:

Float(Raster(r"LE71370452001333SGS00_B5.TIF")) - Float(Raster(r"LE71370452001333SGS00_B2.TIF"))

As you can see it encloses the raster names within Raster() which we are not seeing in your code.

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