I got the corner geo coordinates from a xml product file of a Sentinel-1 GRD SAR image. When looping through the pixels of the image I wish to check whether it represents land or sea.

I figured I could calculate the corresponding longtitude and latitude by using the corner longtitudes and latitudes and do the check. Looking into basemap from mpl_toolkits, i found an attribute .is_land(x, y) but this require a map projection which slows it down, which I want to avoid.

Is there an efficient and fast way to check whether a longtitude and latitude is land or ocean in python 3.x?

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Basemap should fit your need. Its default projection is the raw use of (long, lat) for plotting/processing. In this case, it also takes projection='cyl' to conform with general uses. Here is the code to try:-

from mpl_toolkits.basemap import Basemap
bm = Basemap()   # default: projection='cyl'
print bm.is_land(99.675, 13.104)  #True
print bm.is_land(100.539, 13.104)  #False


Basemap's default parameters:

projection='cyl', which takes raw (long, lat) in degrees as input
resolution='c', which is 'crude' version (options are 'i': intermediate; 'f': fine)

Warning: 'i' and 'f' resolutions take much more time to process for results, use them only when you need more accurate result, and, appropriate lat-long extents should be specified when used.

Tips: To speed up the process, lat-long extents should be specified with these options:

llcrnrlon: lower-left corner longitude
llcrnrlat: lower-left corner latitude
urcrnrlon: upper-right corner longitude
urcrnrlat: upper-right corner latitude, all in degrees

There's one problem with Basemap.is_land(): it's really slow! To solve this, I've written a small package with a much faster function: https://github.com/toddkarin/global-land-mask

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