When working with quality assessment fishnet tiles in ArcMap most of the time couple of thousands i have to double click each record to move from one fishnet to the other. Instead of that i am looking for a keyboard shortcut which can do first go to the next record line and also at the same time zoom to that feature to a fixed scale. In the ArcMap attribute table view Ctrl + Enter will take you the next row record the missing one is how to zoom to that feature in the map view with keyboard shortcut at the same time.

I do not have that much programming know how.


Ctrl-Enter will take you to the next line and select it. Using Ctrl-N or Ctrl-Shift-= will zoom to the selected row. Not too bad.

More links on hotkeys:

However, you have to activate the attribute table panel by clicking somewhere inside it if you have been navigating around the map as you will lose the focus.

You can customize the shortcuts using the Customize window.

There is no single command for jumping to the next record and zooming to it. You can of course create an own Python add-in or a button tool and assign it an own shortcut. You would need to access the layer programmatically, find out the next row, select it and do zooming.

  • I use datadriven pages for that – FelixIP Apr 8 '17 at 23:55

Here's an easy fix.

You can go to customize --> customize mode --> keyboard --> layer category --> pan to selected feature command --> and assign it a new shortcut key!

Pan to selected features keyboard shortcut


After doing some tests and readings i have found a way for what i was looking using the keyboard shortcuts: First step, would be Ctrl + Enter (this will take you to the next raw selection) Secondly, Ctrl + Shift + = which will zoom to the selected raw. The next challenge would be to finalize this with two keys.

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