I'm using mysql and wildly.

I want to look for points in a given polygon. My method looks like:

public Response getGeoJsonByBox(
                                    @QueryParam("topLeftX") double topLeftX,
                                    @QueryParam("bottomRightX") double bottomRightX,
                                    @QueryParam("topLeftY") double topLeftY,
                                    @QueryParam("bottomRightY") double bottomRightY) {

        Envelope viewPort = new Envelope(topLeftX, bottomRightX, topLeftY, bottomRightY);
        List<Stammdaten> stammdatenList = em.createQuery("select s from Stammdaten s where contains(:viewPort, s.coordinate) = true")
                .setParameter("viewPort", viewPort)
return stammdatenList;}

But I got the error:

Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: Geometry byte string must be little endian.

My Entity looks like:

@Table(name = "partner_stammdaten")
@XmlRootElement(name = "stammdaten")
@NamedQuery(name = Stammdaten.all, query = "SELECT s from Stammdaten s")
public class Stammdaten extends GeoJson

    public static final String all = "all";
    public static final String viewPort = "getByViewPort";

    @GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.AUTO)
    private int id;
    private String name;
    private String strasse;
    private String hausnummer;
    private String ort;
    private String plz;
    private int rating;
    private double longtitude;
    private double latitude;
    private Point coordinate;
    private int placeId;
    private String osmId;

    public Stammdaten() {


//Getters/Setters and other implementation


So by the documentation of hibernate spatial the contains method is available for mysql. And both of the objects passed to my method are a type of geometry.

So I haven't any idea why this error happens.

Any idea on this would be nice.


Asking a Friend of mine, to have a look at the code brings the answer.

I didn't recognized, that Envelope isn't a Geometry. All other classes seems to extend Geometry but Envelope didn't. So the query did not get a geometry type to compare with a geometry.

Building a Polygon from my Envelope and put this into the query did the trick.

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