The number of decimal places can be set in ArcGIS desktop as shown in the screenshot. enter image description here

However, ArcGIS server fails to do this. enter image description here

What could be the issue here? How can I reflect the displayed digital places from the desktop to the server?

  • You're looking at the HTML output of a REST request. Fetch it in JSON and format it as you require. – Vince Apr 18 '17 at 1:27

When you change the number of decimal places in ArcMap you are changing the display of the number not actually truncating it. So if the original number had 8 decimal places it still has 8 decimal places even if you chose to display it as 3.

I would say this display is a property of a Layer object and not a Feature Class, so if you are displaying data direct from a Feature Class in ArcServer then it is not surprising that you are seeing the full number of decimal places. You need to be viewing a Layer object from ArcServer if you want to impose a restriction on the number of decimal places. I don't use ArcServer so I leave that to someone else to answer.

  • Thank you Shiko and Hornbyadd for your replies. I guess it is a need to control the number of decimals places in ArcGIS server. I hope that someone who uses ArcGIS server can help on this. – Fatin RIMAWI Apr 17 '17 at 10:29

The Number format is reflected on ArcGIS Desktop because it is converting the value from original column SHAPE_AREA but ArcGIS Server shows the raw data without applying any settings. My suggestion is to create a new field in same layer and use the Field Calculator to add the processed value.

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