im trying to place points at a fixed distance from each other, is there a way to place two points at a fixed distance from each other?

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One way would be to use the CadTools plugin. There you have a Rectangular Point creator.

enter image description here

The Select Line Segment button (left one) lets you select a line segment of an existing line in a line layer. This line is used as a local coordinate system as the x-axes. You enter how many map units you go in x- and then y-direction for the new point.

enter image description here

Another way is through the Advanced Digitizing panel. In construction mode you can fix the distance for creation of new point in relation to a clicked point in map.

enter image description here

The advanced Digitizing Panel is available when the Advanced digitizing toolbar is on, you layer is editable and the add feature button is activated like below.

enter image description here

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