My aim is to create a routable network layer with the openstreetmap editor from Esri. First of all, I need to know all relevant tags and keys for highways and cycleways to extract the data. Even pedestrian ways. At the wiki of openstreetmap, there is a list of all tags, but what about the keys. I cannot find a systematic overview.

Does anyone know (almost) all tags and features who should be considered?

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A good option is to take a look at OSM2NetworkDataset. This application converts OpenStreetMap data so it can be used for network analyses in the ArcGIS extension Network Analyst.

OSM2NDS uses so-called "parameter files" for routing (foot, bike & motorcar). Within these files attributes for routing are defined. They should be a good starting point.

Another valuable source could be the OpenStreetMap wiki and its MapFeatures (for highways) section.

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