I've been trying to do a few things with an ArcGIS Online free account, but they're not working the same way as with my various subscription and Organisation accounts.

Is there a feature limitation list or feature comparison available online that outlines what can and can't be done with a free ArcGIS Online account?

I did find an old link that sounds like there once was a comparison available, however this link now just redirects to ArcGIS Online product page (which ironically has the tagline Mapping Without Limits), and I can't find any comparison charts or limitation lists there.

The old link was ArcGIS Online - Features - Comparison Table

Please note that this is the Personal/Free ArcGIS Online, and not the free Organisation trial.

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Some of the limitations for ArcGIS Online Public accounts I am aware of are (from memory):

  • storage limited to 2 GB
  • cannot login in to ArcGIS Collector and other premium apps
  • can't participate in groups
  • sharing is limited to yourself or the entire Internet
  • can't access premium content (stuff that consumes credits in an organization account)

Despite all this I still find the AGOL Public accounts very useful.

  • I am aware of these differences, however I am after an authoritative list of functionality limitations, such as the inability to create feature layers – Midavalo May 8 '17 at 1:00
  • Is the free subscription limited for a certain period? – khaliff Aug 25 '17 at 10:21

Providing "an authoritative list of functionality limitations" is something that only the vendor, in this case Esri, can do.

If you seek a list from outside Esri then I think, since none has been identified after nearly a month, this should be approached by investigating a perceived limitation a question at a time here, or by posting an ArcGIS Idea to have Esri provide (an updated) one.

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