Just acquired a Geoslam Zeb-Revo for scanning our stockpiles and wondered if there was another option to process point cloud data?


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Best is a word relative to each person's head. The best is try the softwares .

Have a look at Cloud compare for example : http://www.danielgm.net/cc/ A collegue of mine tried it and says it's not bad.

CloudCompare is a 3D point cloud (and triangular mesh) processing software. It has been originally designed to perform comparison between two dense 3D points clouds (such as the ones acquired with a laser scanner) or between a point cloud and a triangular mesh. It relies on a specific octree structure dedicated to this task. Afterwards, it has been extended to a more generic point cloud processing software, including many advanced algorithms (registration, resampling, color/normal/scalar fields handling, statistics computation, sensor management, interactive or automatic segmentation, display enhancement, etc.).

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