I have a geoprocessing service that works fine in ArcMap and ArcGIS online.


I am trying to integrate it into an esri leaflet project. http://argis.ualr-iea.org/artrans/.

The service runs and returns data, but the results are not shown on the map, there are no errors and I don't recognize the Lat / Long returned?

To run this, I have an onclick handler set up, so just set up a breakpoint on line 504 (photo below) and click anywhere on the map to run the GP service.

Debug screen


the service is returning web mercator northings and eastings (wkid:3857 / 102100) not raw wgs84 lat/lon coordinates (wkid:4326). you can get your GP service to return lat/long coordinates by supplying 4326 as the 'Output Spatial Reference' in the UI.


i snooped the web traffic when the actual request is made and it appears that the corresponding parameter name defined for your service is actually env:outSR. i've never seen one with a colon in it before, but there's a first time for everything i guess.

gpTask.setParam('env:outSR', 4326);
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  • Awesome to see markers, getting closer, this works the first time, subsequent runs produce a 400 error "The coordinates or measures are out of bounds." . When I stopped the service and restarted it, it worked again the first time, when I restarted the service again and commented out the "env:outSR" line, it works everytime, but of course no markers on the leaflet side. Is the "env:outSR" an environment variable that the server holds on to once changed? Is there a best practice I should be following? Thanks – joffreyj Apr 13 '17 at 15:26
  • So I changed my map and all layers to wkid:4326, ran and republished my model and it works consistently now, You definitely got me on the right track, appreciate the help! – joffreyj Apr 13 '17 at 19:16

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